Turn financial data into insightful experiences

Use embedded experiences surfaced through server driven UI to transform and enrich customer data into personalised and relevant insights to your customers.

Unique intelligence system

Dimply’s Intelligence Engine uses a set of connected data, calculated metrics and existing customer facts to monitor changes and surface new experiences. From personalised language to tailored facts and tools, we’ve put data and intelligence at the heart of what we do to provide a personalised experience for each customer - fit for the 21st century.

Intelligent experiences app view
Intelligent data app view

Combine data with financial realities

Dimply uses intelligent data to create a unique experience specific to each customer based on financial health, financial literacy, psychological type and many other imported or native data sources to make the right action or content available at the right time.

Open banking app view

Take Open Banking to the next level

By using a strategic and focused approach to implementing Open Banking, we will add utility, intelligence, personalisation and leverage the facts to create value and open up new experiences. Open Banking can help us enrich a member’s financial picture, which allows us to provide appropriate journeys that resonate with their needs.

Tailored UI app view

Delivering the right content at the right time, in the right way

The design, the interface and the system to become aware of the customer’s situation and tailor the interface to surface the material in a number of different ways. The possibilities are endless, enabling us to iterate new insights, reports, content, challenges and other tools tailored to each specific customer. Reach every customer where they are through rich data and intelligent segmentation techniques.

New layer of intelligence app view

Empowerment and flexibility

Use our API in your existing app and embed the new layer of intelligence and experiences, or build a new standalone app.


Our product adapts to your customers based on any fact you want. Create an experience that resonates with your users.

No code solution

Our solution gives your team the flexibility to make the changes without engineering knowledge, giving you the control over your product.

Cost effective

Reduced needs for engineering resources and the ability to build, iterate and warrant your own app without any additional teams

Engage with your customers

Our app comes with rich tools to engage and connect with customers through notifications, engaging content and gamification


Use rich facts and concepts to segment your audience in a meaningful way, for example by financial health level, by financial literacy, by their position on the financial hierarchy and many more.

Full control

We’ve built a platform that gives you full control and endless possibilities over the journeys, the content and the branding

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